Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves Chines Exporter and Manufacturer

vinyl-gloves.jpg Vinyl gloves are a type of exam glove that is most affordable and great for single-use situations. These gloves are worry-free when it comes to those with latex allergies. Vinyl gloves include no rubber, so no allergen is present. Vinyl exam gloves are great to use in a medical office, hospital or at home cleaning excrement, dirty, oily messes where cross-contamination is an issue. Vinyl gloves are ideal because you can use them once and them dispose of them. They come in powdered version for easy fitting and some are even made sterile for infection control. vinyl-gloves-in-Dispensing-color-box-100pcs.jpg 100-pcs-vinyl-gloves-in-color-box.jpg 100PCS in dispensing color box. We recommend delivery by sea. As air freight  is very expensive

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