3-Layer Disposable face masks, Anti Dust Breathable Disposable Earloop Mouth Face Mask

3-layer-disposable-face-masks-17.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-16.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-15.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-14.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-13.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-12.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-11.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-10.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-9.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-8.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-7.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-6.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-5.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-4.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-3.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-2.jpg 3-layer-disposable-face-masks-1.jpg Chinese supplier of 3-Layer Disposable face masks. Daily production ability 500,000pcs. Those are not Surgical Masks 3 layers of dust-proof filter mask protect you from virus, dust, ash, pollen, fine dust, solid fine dust particles and car exhaust fumes and thus effectively protect your lungs.
disposable masks with elastic earbands and adjustable nose bridges – can effectively protect your daily health. The ear hook is robust and flexible and suitable for adults and children

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