Reflex hammer,patella hammer

A reflex hammer is a medical instrument used by physicians to test deep tendon reflexes. Testing for reflexes is an important part of the neurological physical examination in order to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system.
Reflex hammers can also be used for chest percussion.

BMI Tape Measure, Body Mass Index Tape Measure,China supplier

BMI tape measure, body mass index tape measure

Body Mass Index Tape Measure is an excellent health screening tool for professional or home use. 

History of Stethoscopes and Sphygmomanometers



For decades, physicians relied almost solely on the stethoscope

From the time it was invented in 1816 until early this century, the stethoscope was the most reliable and informative tool available for diagnosing cardiovascular disease. Although other, more sophisticated diagnostic methods have come into use since then, the stethoscope has never been discarded.

Clinical digital thermometers

Medical Hammers,Reflex Hammer,Neurological Hammer, Percussion Hammer, Chinese manufacturer

medical hammersMedical hammers.Reflex Hammer,Neurological Hammers

Chinese manufacturer of different styles of medical Reflex Hammer,Neurological Hammer, Percussion Hammer.

Different styles available. High quality. Cheap price.



Health care stethoscope

Health care stethoscopeHealth care stethoscope,

Aluminum pill holder, pill case, pill tube, Chinese manufacturer

  • Solid aluminum pill case

  • Screw tight lid

  • Keeps 8 pills airtight & dry

Pill Holder 2 Key Chain Water Proof Medicine Security

Stethoscopes, Chinese manufacturer

dual head stethoscope
HS310, Dual Head Chestpiece Stethoscope with non-chill ring.
  • Anodised aluminum dual chestpiece matched monchill rings

Flexible digital thermometer, bendable tip thermometer

  • Measured temperature range: 32℃----42℃
  • L℃ will display when the temperature is below 32℃
  • H℃ will display when the temperature is above 42℃.
  • Measurement precision: :±0.1℃(35℃-39℃) ±0.2℃(below 35℃ and above 39℃)
  • Display mode: LCD (three and a half bits)
  • Flexible Digital Thermometer Beeper function
  • Flexible Digital Thermometer Auto shut-off
  • Memory recalls last temperature
  • Power supply mode: AG3 type 1.5V normal button battery
  • Buzzer hint: After completion of the measurement, buzz sound will be given out.
  • Soft probe
  • Waterproof

The flexible tip digital thermometer is most suitable for baby because of it's bandable tip.

About Halsun

As an exporter and a manufacturer of stethoscopes in Ningbo, China, our main products are deluxe dual head stethoscpe, single head stethoscope,luxious heavy stethoscope, teaching stethoscope, one time using plastic stethoscope or our door emergency, luxious stethoscope with watch, enurological hammer, sphygmomanometer, Blood Pressure Instrumentsand other medecial instruments.


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